Genghis Gala

Under an Ulaanbaatar/Denver Sister Cities Committee program, in 2006 four high schools from across the globe began a series of exchanges that involved both students and teachers in four U.S. and Mongolian communities.

Representing rural and urban areas, these high schools are situated on the Navajo Nation, Mandalgov, Ulaanbaatar, and Denver. By the spring of 2007, the first group of students and teachers had participated in the inaugural annual exchange. There was great excitement when they met for the first time! Quickly, they developed true friendships–while completing a service learning project, visiting each school and residing with host families. Bridges of understanding were quickly established.

The Luby-Jenkins School Pairing Program has brought together students and their teachers to learn through direct educational and personal experiences about each other and their cultures. The program’s mission is to build a permanent relationship between rural and urban high schools across and within borders, to provide international experiences and cultural learning in all four schools, to develop professional exchanges for teachers and administrators, to develop foreign language skills and to empower student leaders at each of the high schools. The participating schools are:

  • Ireedui Tsogtsolbor (Future Complex) High School #1
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Erdmiin Dalai Tsogtsolbor (Ocean Knowledge Complex) School
    Mandalgov, Mongolia
  • Greyhills Academy High School
    Tuba City, Arizona, United States
  • Denver Center for International Studies
    Denver Public Schools
    Denver, Colorado, United States

During exchanges to Mongolia, the U.S. students and teachers are guests of the two Mongolian schools. When in the U.S., the Mongolians have similar programs at both Greyhills and Denver. Participating organizations provide supportive activities and programs.

The Ulaanbaatar Denver Sister Cities Committee plans additional activities in Denver and during travel between Colorado and the Navajo Reservation, while the Zorig Foundation provides similar support in Mongolia.

Denver Sister Cities International